Hair care: 5 tips for healthy and strong hair

We all want to have the best hair extensions for fine hair, that keeps the fold and that is strong and healthy … but are we really careful about the care of the hair?

To have perfect hair, you need to take care of it, because they are exposed to many factors that can weaken and damage them such as sun, smog, overly aggressive products and the continuous use of hair dryer and straightener over time bring damage to our scalp, the hair bulb making them dull, brittle and weak. Pay attention to the daily gestures, are the bad habits that lead over time to damage the health of our hair.

For healthy and strong hair, follow these simple tips.

How and when to wash your hair

If washed too often, the hair weakens and loses its shine, the skin may dry out, resulting in flaking and itching. A couple of times a week is enough, so you will avoid stressing them. When we wash our hair, let’s not forget to do the last rinse with cold water, this procedure will close the cuticles and make the hair shinier. The use of good products is essential to keep your hair shiny and healthy. We try to choose shampoos, conditioners, masks and styling products based on our hair type (dry, greasy, coloured, etc.) and with a gentle formula that respects the pH of the scalp. We are always careful what we buy, we read the label!

Let’s dry them properly

Wet hair is very brittle and rubbing it too much with a towel can cause it to wear out. It is a good idea to remove excess water with your hands by gently dabbing them with a soft towel. It is important to choose carefully the brush and comb, better choose those made of wood and natural bristles, do not break the hair and respect the hair fiber.

Beware of hair dryer and straightener

The frequent use of hair dryers and straighteners weakens the hair, promotes the formation of split ends and prevents its growth. Over time, your hair will lose its vitality and radiance. It is essential how to use a hair dryer for drying, always dry your hair with a jet of air not too hot and at medium speed. The hair straightener, used too often, severely damages the cuticle of the hair. You should never exceed the temperature of 180 degrees and make a maximum of 3 passes on each strand. Protective products are commercially available in sprays to be sprayed before drying, so that the hot air will not stress them further.

The hairdresser

Hair grows about 1 centimeter per month, depending on age or ethnicity. Due to the continuous stresses to which our hair is subjected, it wears out, loses its radiance and forms the odious split ends. Cutting them regularly will help them grow more luxuriantly and faster than before. To eliminate split ends it is necessary to trim the hair with a certain frequency, the ideal would be every 2/3 months.

Balanced diet

Diet plays a key role in hair health, as the food we eat gives our hair the nutrients it needs to strengthen itself from the inside. It is essential to increase the consumption of foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins and omega3 such as: Vegetables, fresh fruit, dried fruit, cereals, fish and eggs. To have healthy and shiny hair, you need to hydrate it… how? Simply by drinking a lot, we recommend at least two litres of water a day. For those who need it, it can strengthen them by carrying out at least twice a year a reconstitutive treatment based on specific supplements.

Of course these are only basic tips for hair care, for those who have particular problems to solve is good to rely on a doctor specializing in trichology. How do you take care of your hair? Write it down in the comments below.

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