How to make your hair more thick with Macassar oil?

It’s important to take care of your body and your well-being… from head to toe. Yes, because even the hair between pollution and daily stress are affected by what surrounds us. There are many natural products that are highly healthy for our hair: one of these is Macassar oil, known for its nourishing and beneficial properties that make the hair strong and vigorous, giving shine and making them beautiful to caress and see. Let’s go and find out more.

Macassar oil: what is it?

A panacea for the hair, increasingly widespread and used in Europe and Italy, Macassar oil is extracted from the flowers of the plant Cananga Odorata native to Indonesia. The flowers are those used to produce two different oils, different from a chemical point of view. In particular, in the first two distillations of the plant is extracted the specific ointment, which is light-colored or amber tending to red. Massacre oil is extracted from the first, second and third distillation, while with an extra distillation is obtained that of Ylang Ylang.

The properties of Macassar oil make it an excellent natural remedy for hair, light and non-invasive, able to act in depth, penetrating the hair fiber. In fact, the extract of pure Macassar oil is a nourishing and healing ointment that can give brightness and shine to damaged and dried hair.

How to use the oil?

Macassar oil can be found either in its pure state or in the form of shampoo or conditioner. To restore shine and softness to dry hair, we recommend making a natural do-it-yourself pack or mask with Macassar oil. The product should be dosed from root to tip evenly and left to rest for at least thirty minutes. Afterwards, it is necessary to proceed with a normal washing of the hair to eliminate any residue of oil.

Macassar oil also provides maximum protection from possible damage caused by the sun and sea water. In fact, by applying a small amount on the entire length of the hair before exposure to sunlight, you can limit the harmful effect that makes our hair dry and brittle. The same benefits are obtained against the undesirable effects of salt, which tends to weaken the hair and make it less voluminous, thus facilitating the formation of split ends.

Macassar oil: how much does it cost?

On the websites we find many offers regarding Macassar oil, but if you prefer, you can buy it directly in the herbalist’s shop, as a natural product to take on holiday.

When spread, its texture is very dense and exudes a particularly pleasant scent. Depending on whether it is shampoo or pure oil, the price can vary from 2 to 15 euros per pack. The effects and benefits of Macassar oil have been known since the Victorian era where it was spread almost daily on the foliage of the ladies.

However, although it is a product of vegetable origin, it could harm those who have a delicate and sensitive skin. So, if you have never used it before, we recommend that you use a small amount of it for the first time. If you do not notice any negative effects, you can start to apply it daily.

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