How to prepare your hair for summer with the right sunscreen

During the summer, your hair, as with your skin, can get burnt and, if you don’t use an adequate sun protection factor, you can end up with dry and damaged hair at the end of your holiday. Leaving aside the many treatments, here are some do-it-yourself tips to keep your hair hydrated.

Choosing sunscreen

First of all, it is important to know how to choose sunscreen hair products with SPF (Sun Protection Factor, or the number indicated on cosmetics that contain sunscreens and that defines the ability to defend against UVB radiation) that act as a shield, especially to avoid moisture loss.

Direct exposure of the hair to the sun, in fact, increases the risk of dryness and dehydration, as well as making the hair more dull, less bright and full of split ends to counteract, as well as causing premature aging of the hair, reducing its thickness.

Currently on the market there are three types of sunscreen for hair with 50+ filters:

  • oil spray, rich in moisturizing principles and therefore ideal for long hair;
  • gel, more suitable for the scalp and short hair;
  • dry oil, which does not grease like spray oil but maintains its high hydration.

In all three cases, the product should be applied in the morning before leaving the house and removed in the evening with a mild shampoo. For hair that tends to be heavy and greasy after exposure to the sun, it is better to use spray products: they are very practical to use, do not grease and above all leave the hair hydrated, nourished and untangled without weighing it down.

When the hair is particularly dry, a protective oil is more suitable: you can choose between coconut oil – with a tropical fragrance – and Argan oil, excellent for untangling knots and leaving hair soft and fluent. As an alternative to oil you can use Shea butter, vegetable fat with emollient, antioxidant and moisturizing properties, to be spread on the lengths and on the head before and during sun exposure.

Apply a nourishing mask

To keep hair soft and hydrated, it is essential to take care of it even during the washing phase, especially after shampooing, which is strictly delicate. To prevent the summer from damaging the hair, making it dull and lacking in vitality, it is important to ensure effective nutrition to the canopy along the entire length, regularly applying a nourishing mask, even do-it-yourself and natural, after washing. In this way, the hair remains healthy and regenerates from the aggression of the sun and other “pitfalls” of summer.

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