Protect your hair from the sun, salt and wind

Taking care of your hair is essential, especially when summer comes. A mistake that many comment is to think that their hair does not require special attention with the start of the summer. Actually, just like skin, hair also needs to be pampered. The change of season, the rays of the sun, the salt, the wind and the chlorine in the pool can in fact make the hair brittle and dry, ruining it irreparably.

To have them beautiful even in summer it is important to prepare them in the right way, choosing products such as castor oil, mask and shampoo, useful to strengthen and brighten the hair.

Hair care: how to have a beautiful hair in summer

Preparing your hair for summer is not as difficult as it seems, just follow a few simple tips and implement targeted strategies. To have healthy and strong hair you need to nourish the hair, focusing on products that do not grease and arrive in depth, taking care of the capillary fibers. Opt for natural moisturizing oils, such as argan oil, coconut oil or olive oil. These products should be applied especially to the ends, before going to the sea or to the pool, to protect the hair from the action of chlorine, salt and sunlight.

To allow the oil to penetrate deeply, use a brush with wooden teeth and massage gently into the skin. To improve the effect you can apply the product every morning, collecting the hair in a comfortable chignon.

How to protect and pamper your scalp

To have beautiful hair in summer it is important to protect the scalp. Choose a sunscreen for your hair, to be spread before and after sun exposure. When you’re on the beach, in the pool or going out during the hottest hours of the day, remember to always wear a bandana or a hat, it is a very glamorous and useful solution.

After shampooing, apply a specific mask to your hair to soothe and moisturize, perfect for deeply nourishing your hair, preventing redness and irritation. Remember never to squeeze the hair, but to dab it gently with a towel to avoid breaking it. Gently untangle them, applying specific products to the knots and using a wide-tooth comb, and finally – if possible – let them dry naturally in the open air.

Hair care: the choice of hair dryer for beautiful hair

To take care of your hair in summer you must choose the right hair dryer. Sometimes, even if it’s hot, we need to make a professional hair fold using this tool. Choose a professional model that doesn’t just dry, but takes care of your hair. The most suitable hair dryer is one with an emission of negative ions, able to gently break the molecules of water on the hair and eliminate static electricity in a natural way. This way your hair will be bright and gorgeous, without the danger of split ends and damaged locks.

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