Red “auburn”, the color of summer

Summer 2019 has many surprises in store in terms of trends, not only in terms of fashion in dress but also in terms of fashion for hair. The novelty this season is in fact the chestnut, which has outclassed the blonde thus becoming the hair color trend of summer. There are endless possible shades, but what seems to be the favorite of the most famous stars such as Gigi Hadid, Emma Stone, Dakota Johnson and many others is just the red “auburn”, the golden/shaved chestnut with its warm reflections. Discover with PG Magazine all the possible combinations of this particular type of color to show off an enviable hair.

A red with infinite possibilities

The so-called “auburn red” is a difficult color to define as it gives different results depending on the natural base of the canopy. In general, it is a particular combination of two different colours: gold chestnut and mahogany. If used on a very dark hair base, the auburn will give the canopy reflections ranging from red to purple, while the bases characterized by light brown may have nuances that turn to copper.

The proposals for auburn hair for this summer 2019 have been expanded and reinvented compared to previous ones, seen in past seasons. Same color, but different combinations depending on the result you want to achieve. Obviously a full color hair (balanced between brown and copper) remains a classic, but the other proposals are also interesting, which play with the warm reflections of auburn to give the hair a radiant appearance.

The variants of auburn

For the chestnuts who want to give their hair only copper reflections, the winning tactic is to resort to strategic highlights, almost imperceptible points of light that in the sun will make the hair shine in a completely new light. Remaining on the theme of “natural effect”, we must also remember the balayage, a technique that allows you to have a brighter and more vibrant reflections creating a particular contrast with the natural base.

If, on the other hand, you want to obtain a more visible result, the choice to focus on is the ombré hair, the technique that gives the hair a shaded effect. A natural brown base that fades into red auburn lengths will give the hair a perfect shiny look to show off in the summer months. There are also variations with stronger shades, such as copper and cherry for the darker bases or shades tending to gold for the browns who prefer to have a hair color that turns to the blonde.

As you can easily guess, the different variations of auburn red make it perfect for highlighting almost any type of complexion. While a total color can bring out a lighter complexion, Mediterranean-skinned browns can warm up their skin even more with their auburn-red hair. This summer the “kissed by the sun” hair effect is a must have that you can not give up and thanks to the red auburn there is no need to wait for the sun!

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