What hair color for a light complexion?

Fashion today gives us countless style cues and ideas all to copy from characters and influencers who spread their image to amaze and inspire women around the world.

Driven by these often unreachable models, many girls chase ideals of beauty but ignore that the best way to enhance their beauty is to enhance their natural physical characteristics, starting from the complexion.

Having a clear complexion, for example, is a physical characteristic typical of many Western, Nordic, Slavic women, as well as many Eastern girls.

The light complexion can vary from a pale complexion to a more pinkish one, which sometimes goes with the classic ephelides (freckles), or small ones, and is often combined with light colors both in the eyes and in the color of the hair. A light complexion is often found in the presence of brown or blond hair, sometimes brown. However, many fashion-inspired women want to change their colours and experiment. Cosmetics offers several techniques for changing hair colour in particular, even with bright colours and far removed from their natural shade.

Light complexion: choose the colour according to your complexion

To choose a shade that enhances your features and characteristics, we discover which hair color looks good with light complexion and, in general, how important it is to consider your complexion to find the ideal shade for your hair.

The light complexion will undoubtedly be enhanced by dark hair that usually frames the features and enhance the eyes, whether they are light or intense and deep.

To obtain a gritty and even a bit dark style, the choice of black hair is ideal: it specifically accentuates paleness and light complexion. Instead, focusing on brown or dark brown, the point is to find the right shade: not too cold, but rather soft and enveloping, like a mahogany or chocolate, perhaps with the addition of reflections that will make the effect more natural and harmonious.

Even red hair is always fascinating and often conquers girls with light complexions. If natural red hair is quite rare, and it is usually recognized by the presence of distinctive features such as a pink complexion and the presence of freckles, the colors of this color suit many. On the market there is a wide range of shades that all have one thing in common: they are perfect for being noticed, accentuating any cut and hairstyle.

Light complexion and eye colour: the colour that suits you best

It is well known that a very useful factor in choosing the shade that gives the most consideration is the color of the eyes.

For example, the ideal hair colour for a light complexion with green eyes can vary from red, to ash blonde to brown, playing on the chromatic contrasts of such a particular iris colour.

Instead, for blue eyes, often combined with a light complexion, the ideal hair color will be a mahogany, mokka or caramel brown, which emphasizes the irises cerulean. Alternatively, even a golden blond, sunny and kind with features, enhances a pale complexion with heavenly eyes and is even perfect for sweetening some marked traits.

Finally, the hair color for a light complexion and dark eyes, brown or hazelnut, can only be the Golden Brown, a shade of brown with soft reflections, very trendy in recent seasons, ideal to enhance the pale skin tones warm, recalling them in the golden shades of the foliage.

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