What hair color to match the dark complexion?

Many girls are inspired by models from the world of entertainment to choose how to care for their appearance, from makeup, to clothing, to haircut.

One of the factors that always triggers a heated debate is that of hair color, especially with regard to their natural colors and especially that of their complexion.

If you have a dark complexion, often accompanied by intense colors of the eyes and hair, maybe you too have felt the desire to change color, experiment and try alternatives, with a natural effect or decidedly eccentric and fashionable. But which hair color is good with dark complexion? Which shades enhance it and emphasize its beauty?

Choosing the hair color for a dark complexion can be anything but simple, because the desire to change sometimes can lead you to decide to try bright colors, bizarre but especially that do not match the color of this type of complexion.

Red hair, for example, is not found in nature combined with a dark complexion. For this reason, when using this color the advice is always to be careful, to avoid the risk of too artificial effect, unless it is desired for reasons of style.

By playing with contrast, however, your dark complexion could match very well with your blonde hair. In this case, the choice of a natural and golden shade softens the features and gives them all, not only in the case of the beautiful Beyoncé; a platinum or very light blonde color instead could be excessive, both for the strong contrast with its colors, and for the use of bleach, potentially aggressive against the hair.

If the strong contrast is not for you, instead, consider that a dark complexion can be extremely fascinating even with a dark hair foliage: without necessarily maintaining your natural color, the choice of a shade similar to your complexion, with the right amount of light and shade, with the balanced use of yellow and red shades, will certainly be effective and will enhance your charm.

If you have dark or black hair and dark complexion, then, do not forget that you can move any hairstyle with many effects, temporary or permanent, to give personality to your hair: from pastel colors, to neon-colored locks, to the shaded effect of shatush or the dynamic reflections of balayage!

If, on the other hand, you really can’t resist the latest trends, a dark complexion is ideal for trying out one of this year’s fashionable colours, pink and grey. The first may seem a bit eccentric and extreme to you, but think it’s a bit of a lifestyle. While you may have noticed that in the last few months gray hair has been very popular with celebrities and influencers from all over the world. One thing is for sure: they both give especially to girls with dark complexions, enhancing their complexion and intense features, such as eyes and eyebrows, adding personality to any cut and style.

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